Boyd’s Conceptual Spiral – New Edition

Download Conceptual Spiral (152 KB PDF), Boyd’s take on the origin and importance of novelty:

Novelty is not only produced by the practice of science/engineering and the pursuit of technology, it is also produced by the forces of nature, by our own thinking and doing as well as by others. Furthermore, novelty is produced continuously, if somewhat erratically or haphazardly. Now, in order to thrive and grow in such a world, we must match our thinking and doing, hence our orientation, with that emerging novelty. (28)

Adds the original page numbers, which may seem a little odd because for readability this edition spreads several of Boyd’s originals over two or even three pages.  All of these will have the same number.

Also corrects a number of typos, esp. in the “Examples from Science and Technology,” pp. 9-12 (and note that p. 12 in the original takes three pages here).

This version replaces the one dated February 2011.  It should also appear shortly in the John Boyd Compendium on DNIPOGO.