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For inquiries about seminars/consulting on the theory and applications of OODA Loop strategy, or for any of Boyd’s presentations (Patterns of Conflict, Strategic Game of ? and ?,  Organic Design for Command and Control, and Conceptual Spiral), please contact my agent, Jeannine Addams, at or +1 404.231.1132.

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  1. Might interest you that the OODA Loop is taught in a philosophy course (Organizational Ethics, University of Texas, Prof. Daniel Bonevac)

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  3. Hello, Chet.

    Have you ever played the board game Go?

    I was watching a Patterns of Conflict recording on YouTube, and it almost sounds like John Boyd is talking about Go strategy when discussing Sun Tzu.

    John Boyd and Sun Tzu playing Go would actually be a cool DeviantArt drawing if people who could draw were into military strategists.

    • Very astute observation. Although I never heard John mention Go, the parallels are quite deep. I wrote on Go in my last book, If We Can Keep It, starting on p. 107. What got me on to this was David Lai’s paper, “Learning from the Stones,” available at Would be interesting to know how well the CCP is sticking to this strategy rather than a tit-for-tat approach (e.g., your tariff, my tariff) that’s more like chess.

      For newcomers to this site, you can download IWCKI from the Articles page.

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