Our geopolitical experts will destroy America, if we let them

A new post by our most perceptive geopolitical expert, Fabius Maximus.

He reviews the 14 “Plan Bs” suggested by pundits assembled by Foreign Policy magazine.  Essentially, their recommendations amount to doing more of the same, but expecting different results.  Here’s his paraphrase of #13:

(#13)  Invade another god-forsaken land where we have no national interest while there’s still a few $ on the national VISA card

So what would be wrong with arresting Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, which has conducted a campaign of brutal terror in northern Uganda and adjacent areas of Africa for years?

Nothing — if it were done by the governments of Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Sudan.  The problem is that those entities are states only in the sense that they have seats at the UN, and they are among the most corrupt in the world.  Sending in special operators to take out Kony will change that about as much as killing another narcotrafficking boss will return the rule of law to northern Mexico.

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