Hey, Willie


My wife and I were shocked when Willie Morris died back in 1999. A couple of years later, we went by his grave to pay our respects, and I guess I should point out that we had met Willie several times, have all his books, and have most of them autographed. Once I asked him for advice on getting published and he gave he his agent’s name and phone number. They must not have been getting along that well. [Click photo to enlarge.]

We were driving from Ginger’s ancestral home in the Delta down to Jackson today when we got the idea to stop by and see Willie again. It wasn’t hard to find the cemetery, but once we got in the place, everything seemed strange, even more than they usually do in cemeteries. After driving around for a while, we got the bright idea to Google “willie morris gravesite” on our iPhones, and after some thrashing about in the 2G world of ATT in Yazoo City, managed to find the phone number of the Yazoo Convention and Visitors Bureau.

A very nice lady told me to start walking back towards the main entrance and look for the black fountain. When I got there, she said to turn around and start walking away from the fountain and there was the grave of the Witch of Yazoo! Shivers started to run down my spine (read Good Old Boy to find out why). “Now, carefully turn to the right and walk 13 steps.” There it was, a new headstone but the same bottle of bourbon. Glad to be back, Willie. How you gettin’ along?

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