Qadhaafi tries agility

Straightforward example of agility in the military — simple but effective.  Having adopted their opponents’ tactics, their superior (but still limited) training and cohesion are giving them an edge.

One of Boyd’s favorite sayings was that you don’t have to be perfect, only better than your opponents.

Another was “People, ideas, and hardware … in that order!”  Just a few days ago,   pundits were predicting that with the intervention of coalition airpower, the rebels would quickly resume their westward march and take Tripoli.

They may still do that, but it’s now going to take a focus on the people and ideas part. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coalition has special operations forces on the ground, and the primary mission of such units is to train local forces (not to conduct covert operations themselves, although they are certainly capable of that).  For more information on US Special Forces and their use in assisting insurgencies, see Pat Lang’s blog, Sic Semper Tyrannis, particularly here and here.


Libya crisis: Gaddafi forces adopt rebel tactics

Ras Lanuf has now changed hands for the fourth time in three weeks. BBC world affairs editor John Simpson in Tripoli has been assessing the fighting.

Colonel Gaddafi’s forces have changed their tactics.

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