Is Apple Vulnerable?

When asked this question, Motolola Mobile CEO Sanjay Jha gave a most interesting answer because he talked about culture rather than limitations of the iPhone4 or iPad2.  He noted that companies have a tendency to adopt a defensive mindset when they have had a run of market successes.  He did, however, suggest that Apple is well aware of this problem, which is one of the most difficult in strategy (“Victory makes you stupid,” attributed to the elder von Moltke).

You might also note an interesting take on zheng/ qi (cheng / ch’i) near the end of the interview.

One thought on “Is Apple Vulnerable?

  1. Hi Chet.

    Totally off topic, but I came across a Panzergrenadier training film from 1944. Its got a great demonstration of Auftragstaktik in action (between 4:28 and 6:03). I would have posted it elsewhere, but this was the only spot where comments were still on.

    Hope you’re well and have a great 4th of July.
    Take care.

    Thanks Ibis — note that the commander reviews the situation, including the mission of the parent unit, then assigns what is to be accomplished and by when, but not how.

    Also, verbal orders only.

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