Back to agility

Finally, after the Tour de France, Wimbledon, and the Olympics.

Interesting series in the Wall St. Journal that illustrate Boyd’s General Theory of Agility (subscription required).

How Japan Lost Its Electronics Crown

Japan’s Dimwitted Smartphones

Perhaps what’s most interesting is that we’re talking about a country and culture that had a strong influence on Boyd’s concept. The CEO of Canon, for example, once said that the trait he prized most was a “mind that does not stick.”

More details later, but for now, consider that if it can happen to these guys, it can happen to anyone.


One thought on “Back to agility

  1. Does manufacturing create jobs, spur innovation, or both?

    In the 80s we were having various electronic equipment built in Japan and made several trips. They liked to show off their latest & greatest. One trip they showed some work with Toyota on addressing the auto wiring harness problems (major source of failures and difficult to diagnose). Highly automated electronic plants are running billions and dependent on reliable resources. The *feel* seemed to start to change after the ’95 Kobe earthquake (are there better places in the world to put a several billion dollar investment, it will be interesting to see what happens in Thailand after the floods). There has been analysis that a really large earthquake in Japan would require them to pull a trillion dollars out of the US stock market (money needed for rebuilding), which could precipitate a ’29 kind of crash.

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