Another thing to make you feel old

As if I really needed it.

The Department of Energy has announced that the Titan supercomputer is now open for business at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Titan can clip along at 20 petaflops, that’s 20,000 trillion calculations per second.

Back when I first got into computing, the big kid on the block was the IBM 7030 Stretch, which hit an amazing 1.2 mips, that is 1.2 million instructions per second. The computer we were using, the IBM 1620, could do on the order of 700 – 800 additions per second, which was really fast compared to what most people could do by hand.

2 thoughts on “Another thing to make you feel old

    • You are a babe in swaddling clothes! I remember Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace like it was yesterday. Such a pair of goof-offs, I could tell you. Her dad was a character, too, but his code tended to flights of romantic fancy. His comment lines read like pure poetry, though.

      Actually I only have you by three years — 1963 with the aforementioned 1620. That was the last computer I wrote assembly code (known as SPS) for. Nowadays, if I can’t find an icon for it, I do without.

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