It’s not change

I am affiliated with the Executive MBA for Families in Business program at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta. We use Boyd’s framework as the strategy component of the course, and although the students become proficient in Boyd by program’s end, you sometimes wonder how they’re doing in applying it in their own businesses.

So it’s always good to hear a success story. Here’s an interview that one of our alums, Mikee Johnson, did recently with a business website here in South Carolina. He’s CEO of a lumber treatment company, Cox Enterprises, that weathered the housing downturn and is now back on its expansion track.

You’ll find Boyd woven throughout, but pay close attention around 8:10 where he notes that “it’s not change, it’s the speed of change” that drives business strategy nowadays.

You might recall from New Conception for Air-to-Air Combat (chart 24):

He who can handle the quickest rate of change survives.

If you’re interested in information on the EMBA program (and we may admit non-family students on a space-available basis), please contact the director, Kristi Stoudenmire, at


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