Awaiting my new Kindle

The first non-Apple device I’ve bought in more than 5 years.

With the Kindle Fire HD (7″), though, I’m going to diversify my ecosystem. Partly this is because I’m getting tired of reading about Apple filing yet one more lawsuit in an effort to limit consumer choice or trying yet again to fix prices. And partly it’s because for what I need, the Fire looks like a better device.

We already have 2 iPhones and an iPad, but I also have a lot of existing Kindle content (from a gift of an original Kindle years ago) and an Amazon Prime account. The Fire’s form factor seems ideal: If I need more computing power, I can carry my MacBook (yes, I’ll be replacing our two Macs next year with two more Macs). Otherwise the Kindle should be more portable than a laptop but better for Web surfing and movie watching than the iPhones.

I’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “Awaiting my new Kindle

  1. Chet,
    I have a Kindle Fire and I really like it. It is smaller, lighter, and a great media consumption device. We also have an iPad, but I prefer the Kindle for reading.

    • Yeah, if you want to read EPUB books on the Fire HD, you’re going to have to install a third party app and would probably be better off with something else. I don’t have any EPUB books so that isn’t a problem. On the other hand, after just playing with my Fire for a couple of days, I’ve found it to be easy to use, fast, well-designed for reading and movie-watching, and great sound.

      This from the WSJ, which was actually the thing that swung the decision in favor of the Fire:

      Kindle Fire HD: Google’s Android operating system powers Amazon’s $199 tablet as well, but it’s what is called a “forked” operating system that, at this point, is basically Amazon’s own beast. In addition to tapping into a wide variety of apps, the Kindle Fire HD comes plugged into Amazon’s content, which includes streaming movies and lots of other goodies. If you are already a big fan of Amazon Prime, this is the tablet to get.

      I have a LOT of Kindle content and am a big user of Amazon Prime.

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