The unexpected

Apple has charged the credit card for my wife’s new Mac, so I thought I’d see what’s going on.  Here’s the message from Apple’s Order Status page at 6 am EST Sunday morning:

We’re sorry, but our Order Status services are extremely busy right now. Please try again later.

All I can figure is that jubilant Packers fans are still up ordering new Macs.

3 thoughts on “The unexpected


    I might be too cynical here, however,

    What strikes me here at first, is the element of “we’ll stop beating you, with this baseball bat,
    because it will feel so good when we stop.”

    The original decision also underscores in my mind the growing disconnect and inane attitudes
    between the Oligarchy, and the society at large.

    Obviously competitive pressures had an influence, I can’t imagine reversing such a decision,
    because they actually give a dam about people.

  2. My wife’s Ipad developed a display fault, it was one of the original models.
    I befriended a local irepair shop owner, and obtained a replacement screen,
    and installed it myself, with some assistance from him. Successfully.

    Meanwhile, my own Acer android tablet bricked, practically one year to the day, that I purchased it new, but re-furb. As it turns out was a chronic problem with that generation of mother board. as evidenced by literally hundreds of the same complaints on the owners blog.
    I called Acer, they suggested being out of warranty, they would replace the bad board, and charge me for about $ 120.00, I told the representative that I would think about it. I know that I could purchase a new product from Asus, or HP, etc, for between $ 140-$200.

    Unexpectedly however, the phone rang about 20 minutes later, the Acer representative
    offering to have the work done, at thier Texas factory repar depot, at no charge, including shipping.

    I was impressed, and owning other Acer products, including a couple of their mini-laptops,
    I have been quite happy.


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