Microsoft’s death spiral

Pretty easy to explain, really:

Bill Gates: My kids have never asked for Apple products.” The rest of the quote should be “So I don’t have a clue why Apple’s the most profitable company in IT.” This from the guy who once boasted that he “wasn’t an iPod user.” Wonder if there’s still a playable Zune outside of a museum.

Wife Melinda was no help at all:

An example of this [attitude] was Melinda Gates who declared quite forcefully in 2010 that, while her kids had asked to use Apple products, she had explained that this would be impolitic.

Compare to Samsung’s approach:

“All this time we’ve been paying all our attention to Nokia ” a then-new chief of Samsung’s telecom business, J.K. Shin, wrote in a memo to top executives in February 2010, which was revealed publicly last year in a trial. “Yet when our [user experience] is compared with the unexpected competitor Apple’s iPhone, the difference is truly that of Heaven and Earth.” “Has Apple Lost Its Cool to Samsung?” WSJ, 25 January 2013. Subscription may be required.

Think maybe he’s used an iPhone?

In the “Salt in the wound” category, the WSJ article does mention:

Meanwhile, Samsung also offers feature phones based on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone software to attract consumers in low-end and emerging markets.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s death spiral

  1. The long-term result of this can be seen in Detroit, where parking lots are still filled with domestic automobiles and factories still have guarded, gated lots with signs posted “Non-domestic, Non-UAW Vehicle Parking”
    Alan Mulally pointed out when he arrived at Ford in 2006 that the executive garage was packed with Jaguars, but nobody in the senior ranks of the company was driving Fords, Mercuries, or Lincolns, let alone surveying the competition.

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