Table I

It has come to my attention …

that some of the e-book versions of Certain to Win, well at least one of them, is missing Table I, What Wins, from page 43.

Sorry about that. Here it is:

Table I—What Wins

Things We Want To Have On Our Side:

  • Sense of Mission
  • Morale
  • Leadership
  • Harmony
  • Teamwork

Which Allow Us To:

  • Appear Ambiguous
  • Be Deceptive
  • Generate Surprise & Panic
  • Seize & Keep The Initiative
  • Create & Exploit Opportunities

Which Cause These In The Enemy:

  • Bickering
  • Scapegoating
  • Confusion
  • Panic
  • Rout
  • Mass Defections & Surrender

One thought on “Table I

  1. I have tried to filter various organisations through the above “filters” and find that, in a few outstanding one, appearing to (say) “bicker, scapegoat, confuse and panic” amongst themselves can be a part of a deliberate deception strategy, on their part. This in turn causes their enemy to genuinely “bicker, scapegoat, confuse and panic” over what that organisation is really doing. Result? Rout and surrender. Have you found this also?

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