First Violet of Spring

African VioletWe bought this little guy for a Christmas get-together in 2011, and about this time last year it quit blooming.

Still, it provided a touch of green in an otherwise drab corner, so we’d water it every now and then.

When we were leaving for Chicago nearly two weeks ago, I notice a bud. When we got back on Monday, here’s what greeted us.

I take this as a good omen. I don’t know of what, but that’s the nature of omens.

2 thoughts on “First Violet of Spring

  1. I am so jealous. I seem to be killing my wife’s African Violet. The instructions said that the plant needs to be dry before the next watering, which I have tried to do, but it is easier said than done.

    From the picture, maybe yours likes the music better? I don’t talk to it 🙂

    • We typically play blues music to it. That may help.

      I read the instructions too and decided to ignore them. I don’t let it dry out, but when the soil feels dry to the touch (2-3 days), I stick it under the sink, trying not to wet the leaves.

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