Neocons never give up

You have to hand them that.

Interview on NPR this morning with Vali Nasr, who, while urging the US to continue spending money and lives in the Middle East, offered this gem:

And secondly, are we really reconciled to the Chinese [refereeing] the Arab-Israeli issue, or the Chinese handling al-Qaida, or the Chinese refereeing disputes between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

My reply: Mazel tov!

One thought on “Neocons never give up

  1. It’s an allegiance to the Corptocracy, by which vested and self interests are promoted, with no consideration to costs to society, any long term or lasting consequences, what’s good for the country, humanity, or the world at large.

    Even when confronted with overwhelming empirical evidence. Is neoconservatism a mental disorder ? That’s a good question.

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