After the Storm

A sharp line of thunderstorms rolled across us about 7:30 last night leaving only minor tree damage in our area and some much needed rain. At around 8:30 I noticed a bright orange glow out our west-facing windows, ran outside into the last tailings of the storm, and took this picture. Ten minutes later, it was pitch black.

Fortunately my iPhone is in a water-resistant case.

After The Storm

3 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Last night they had storm warnings. The town has an automated phone system that makes computerized calls for various reasons (escaped felon in the neighborhood, flooding, etc). My wife recently got a new smartphone and last night she got a text message (instead of the computerized voice message) about tornado in the storm (something touched down 50m to the east). How did the emergency warning system know they could now send text message instead of computerized voice???

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