Happy Father’s Day 2013

GC Richards MukdenHere’s a picture of my late father, Grover C. Richards (he dropped “Jr.” when his father died) taken in Mukden, Manchuria, September 1945. He’s on the far right, along with another POW and two of the Soviet soldiers who liberated their camp. Click for a larger view.

Dad was captured on Corregidor in May 1942, after the fall of Bataan. He was awarded the Silver Star for bravery for actions in the Bataan campaign. He retired from the Army in 1961, got his Ph.D., and retired again as Chair of the Psychology Department at Georgia Southern College, as it was then known, in 1981. He died in 1996.

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day 2013

    • Mike,

      It is. Dad missed the Death March, which involved US and Filipino prisoners who were captured on Bataan. Dad was part of a group who commandeered a boat when Bataan fell and made it across to Corregidor, which surrendered about a month later.

  1. That’s a very distinguished history Chet, thank you for sharing that.

    “What’s YOUR background, you’ve got a background,
    he’s got a background, everyone has a background,
    I bet you have a dam fine background.”*

    *John Richard Boyd
    At one of his presentations.

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