Boyd, Jobs, and Creativity

Steve Jobs, that is. Unfortunately, if you take this path, you may not get a job with Bill Gates or other corporate overlord, and you probably won’t get promoted, but you just might do something wonderful.

Liberal Arts and Humanities Education: Who Is Right—Bill Gates, or the Late Steve Jobs? by Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University

When students asked me what subjects they should major in to become a tech entrepreneur, I would say engineering, mathematics, and science. I used to believe that education in these fields was a prerequisite for innovation, and that engineers made the best entrepreneurs.

That was several years ago. Read more

I’ve uploaded a chart I did for zenpundit several years ago showing some of the sources Boyd drew on for the Discourse.  Those of you who have been to the Boyd Collection at Quantico know that he didn’t just dabble in these areas, he devoured them, developing a deep understanding of subjects from military science to quantum mechanics to Taoism. Available on the Articles page.  I’m working on an update, maybe later this month.

At our little PR firm, J. Addams & Partners, we never hired anyone with a PR degree. As the founder, Jeannine Addams often said, if you’re bright and energetic, we can always teach you PR, but we can’t give you a 4-year degree in how to create, write, or think.

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