New Edition of Path to Victory

My good friend and colleague, Don Vandergriff, Major, US Army, ret., has put his time in Afghanistan to good use. He writes:

I am proud to announce the availability of Path to Victory (2nd Edition), forward by Doug MacGregor (COL, USA, ret.).

A revised 2nd Edition of Path to Victory is available with two new chapters and updated information. I worked on it over the last six months at night while here in Afghanistan.

The Path to Victory is available now as a Kindle book on Amazon.  I hope to have paperback copies available in the next week or so.

Note that because it’s ~650 pages in the paperback form, Path to Victory will be priced at $24.99 (paperback) and $16.99 (Kindle).

The Path to Victory:

Thanks, Don

Don published the original, The Path to Victory — America’s Army and the Revolution in Human Affairs, in 2002. It was a seminal text not only for the Army but for anyone looking for ways to make large organizations work better. I’m anxiously looking forward to reading this version.

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