Acquisition reform? It’s simple

Here’s the latest from USAF Lt Col Dan Ward, the guru of the “fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny” movement in US acquisition reform. He begins by noting that while car manufacturers are reducing the time it takes to design and build their products, military contractors are barreling in the opposite direction.

In “Changing Acquisition Culture: What & How,” Colonel Ward explains this phenomenon and offers several concrete suggestions for reversing the trend. This is an area that I’ve worked in a little, and my colleague, Chuck Spinney, has worked in a lot. Think you’ll find Col Ward’s ideas interesting.

Published by the Center for National Policy in Washington, D.C.

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One thought on “Acquisition reform? It’s simple

  1. Use your fist? Really?
    I mean having the bill come do on the quick instead of the long does have its up sides. But then It doesn’t really matter how you use the power, in small punches or one large punch, as long as you get to use it.
    I am also not saying that the “what and the how” isn’t important, but it takes time to know the why.
    I mean there must be a lot of generations, from the Milliniums to the x generationors who are still asking why.
    It may be that the “why” isn’t that important to the x generation, I don’t know.
    But I think all generations are starting to come-around asking.

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