The Pentagon Wars

Jim Burton’s classic description of his struggle to get the Army to do the right thing by its soldiers has been reissued electronically by the Naval Institute Press. Originally published in 1993, the book was made into a movie released in 1998 that starred Cary Elwes as Burton and Kelsey Grammar as, in Burton’s words, “a combination of four or five Army generals.”

Kindle users can order from, and Barnes & Noble has a version for the Nook.  A print-on-demand edition will soon be available from the Institute.

Col Burton, USAF (ret.) was the subject of Chapter 29 in Robert Coram’s biography of John Boyd.


One thought on “The Pentagon Wars

  1. I asked for this for Christmas almost a decade ago (being broke and at college doesn’t lend itself to expensive book purchases). My mother called the publisher to try to track down a copy. They weren’t selling them but happened to have a copy lying around that they sent her for free. I always felt slightly guilty about that. I’m glad that it’s widely available.

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