One thought on “Shaping & Adapting — Update

  1. I haven’t gotten to Chuck Spinney’s intro, but I find the AAR interesting. I am not sure many would get my point in this narrative, but my guess would be that Major Tremblay would.
    The “Position” I am thinking about is in “G. Topic: Operations and Intelligence Synchronization”, and I am thinking this means Topic G. is after making decisions, but before Action.
    In other words, you are bringing the whole thing home. One might say that on the other side of the loop is Orientation, but here (before Action) is thinking–you are thinking before acting.
    Structurally, Thinking, like Orientation, is, in process, also a form of isolation. The difference between Orientation and Thinking is that you do the thinking from a position (created from your decisions) and you Orient towards a position of advantage in the environment observed. This is why I say you are allowed to bring your Orientation to the thinking, you need all the advantages you can get.
    In thinking you are further from what you have observed, but closer to what you see as the future after Action. So within the loop, “Thinking” is loaded with feedback from the future, but less of the feedward from where you have been.
    Thinking is done from a position within the OODA loop, and that position rapidly changes, but in small amounts.
    Being close to Action, in Thinking, these rapid, but small amounts of change, have a devastating affect on your enemy, as well as you, but you are in the enemy’s OODA loop.
    On the other hand, you may destroy the enemy, but maybe not entirely destroy the whole OODA loop.
    In other words, the change created by Action may represent a change in your Orientation, as well as your enemy’s, as you, a disciple of Boyd, thought it would.
    So then comes “Discipling, Preparing for the worst, and the Healing Process, as the Major outlines.
    But then that might just be another whole set of letters.
    Maybe the hope in the last set of letters is that help gets to our guys and lets them back into the society, after the Act, and even if their Orientation has changed a small amount.
    Which is often overlooked, as the one-only book review may testify to.

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