Keynote in San Diego

I’ll be giving a keynote at the LeanKanban Executive Services Planning Summit in San Diego on May 18th. That’s their logo now on the home page.

Although I haven’t decided on the exact topic, you can be sure it will rest on Discourse on Winning and Losing, which provides the foundation for all forms of lean development and production, including, of course, lean kanban.

More later!

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4 thoughts on “Keynote in San Diego

  1. Doesn’t your audience, either West Coast or East Coast, already believe they are winning and that their process (lean Kanban) is the winning process? In the context of: the “Essences of Winning”, i.e. “Without OODA loops embracing all of the above and without the ability to get inside other OODA loops (or other environments), we will find it impossible to comprehend, shape, adapt to and in turn be shaped by an unfolding evolving reality that is uncertain, everchanging, and unpredictable”, there must be a strong pull towards the explicit understanding on: how to actually enter other OODA loops.
    How much time have you got? 🙂

  2. The people coming to the summit will be actively looking to improve their competitive positions. Boyd’s Discourse (of which The Essence of Winning and Losing is a part) will give them a lot of ammunition. And the cool thing is that because it outlines the foundations of all forms of maneuver, including maneuver warfare and lean production, it works very well with LeanKanban and ESP.

    I only have an hour, but that’s enough time to introduce it.

    • “I only have an hour, but that’s enough time to introduce it.”
      Yes you have proven it is enough time, but it does take more than just a little skill and focus to accomplish it in an hour.
      You seem to have both.
      But still, good luck!

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