Just for the record

I am not the “Chet Richards” who writes for the web site “American Thinker.”  For one thing, I rarely write on hardware issues (“People, ideas, and hardware in that order — I don’t seem to ever make it past ideas.) For another, a quick glance will show an obvious difference in both style and viewpoint.

There is also a “Chet Richards” who is / was a screenwriter in Hollywood. It is possible, I guess, that he is now writing on defense issues.

Also for the record, I am not associated with the web sites d-n-i .net or belisarius .com. Although I started both of those, they got hijacked by hackers and so I shut them down. I understand that someone else has taken over those domain names — visit them at  your own risk.  The Project on Government Oversight maintains a time capsule of the original Defense and the National Interest at http://www.dnipogo.org, and you can also download the most recently edited copies of Boyd’s materials from our Articles page.


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2 thoughts on “Just for the record

  1. Yeah, but you are the Chet Richards who co-wrote a script for an episode of
    the original Star Trek TV series,,, LOL
    Look that up. 🙂

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