AI update: Siri

Some of you have taken me to task for my comments about Siri.  Note that I wasn’t criticizing Siri’s current performance. Instead, I was pointing out how hard it can be to regain the magic once you’ve disappointed your customer. Product developers often get focused on the chi, the “Pursuit of Wow!” as Tom Peters once called it, but if the thing doesn’t work, i.e., no cheng, you don’t need to worry yourself about the chi. If the bathroom’s not clean, who cares what brand of chocolate is on the pillow?

IMG_2888So Sunday morning I take iPhone in hand and say, “Hey Siri, what time does Kay Hills open?”  She comes right back with “Cahill’s Market on May River Road opens at 9 am,” provides a map, and offers to give directions. Cahills is a favorite breakfast / lunch, and sometimes dinner spot here in the Hilton Head area.  If you go, be sure and ask for coffee in the rooster or pig cups, designed by my wife, Ginger.

Did I mention that these things are starting to get scary? Not the cups, they’re pretty cool.



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