John R. Boyd

Note that all of Boyd’s works are available at

Franklin C. (Chuck) Spinney

      • Evolutionary Epistemology  A personal view of John Boyd’s “Destruction and Creation” and its centrality to the OODA Loop. V2.4, December 2014, 2.1MB PDF.  New Slide 4 and other edits. Note how Spinney handles Boyd’s use of Gödel, Heisenberg, and the 2nd Law on Slide 34.

Dean Lenane

Mike Wyly

PJ Tremblay

      • Shaping and Adapting: Unlocking the power of Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop. Masters Thesis, USMC Command and Staff College, April 2015 (517 KB PDF)

Grant Hammond

Greg Wilcox

Maj Gen J. N. T. Shanahan, USAF

Nicholas J. Johnson

Chet Richards

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