Destruction and Creation

Destruction and Creation now in Articles.

See editor’s note at the end, which also includes a link to Chuck Spinney’s “Evolutionary Epistmology.”

7 thoughts on “Destruction and Creation

  1. As an aside … I’ve recently made several reference to your old websites (gone 404 but live on at the wayback machine) in (linkedin) Boyd Strategy discussions.

    I’ve also recently made references at USNI blog to a couple items from above dating from last century about the more things change … the more things stay the same.

    • lhw0 — thanks! Can’t tell you the trouble I went to when I needed to recover some of these files from an old and demented hard drive. I should warn readers that I took those sites down because of hacking incidents, so I can’t vouch for their integrity.

      • has several snapshots done over approx. decade … travel back in time via the “wayback” machine

      • lho0 — We started noticing these problems in early 2009, so I’d suggest that people go back before 2008 and only download documents, not web pages.

      • By the way, the last and final (November 23, 2009) version of Defense and the National Interest is archived at In the process, we deleted two folders of files inserted by the hackers and scrubbed the malicious scripting from the other pages. No guarantees, but it seems to be clean.

        The only things that have been added since archiving are all the rest of Boyd’s papers and the book The Pentagon Labyrinth, with a bunch of supporting material. There are links to these in the menu on the right of the home page.

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