Boyd’s Really Real OODA Loop

Minor revisions to Boyds Real OODA Loop, dated 13 April 2012 – reflecting some comments and my recent editing of Destruction and Creation.

One way to look at things: D&C describes a cyclical process for creating a system of concepts that we can then use as decision models. So the circular loop is, in a sense, built into it. Patterns of Conflict, as elaborated upon in Organic Design, says that when employing these decision models in an operation or engagement with a thinking opponent, it is best to use the implicit guidance and control link as much as possible (“emphasize implicit over explicit …” Organic Design, 22). The OODA “loop” from The Essence of Winning and Losing, incorporates both of these concepts.

The new edit of D&C is available from the Articles link above and the other briefings  can be downloaded from

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