Isn’t our new CEO so smart?

Too bad all her execs are blithering idiots:

After spending months frustrated at how empty Yahoo parking lots were, [Yahoo CEO Marissa] Mayer consulted Yahoo’s VPN logs to see if remote employees were checking in enough. Mayer discovered they were not — and her decision was made.
Business Insider, 3/2/2013

Think about that. This has been going on for how long? Years? And none of the Yahoo executives noticed it before? Empty parking lots? Work not getting done? Objectives not getting met?

Perhaps Ms. Mayer decided she needed a dramatic move to get her more fundamental changes going. If so, good on her. One thing for sure: She has deeper problems than whether employees work from home. The expression “long knives” springs to mind.

One thought on “Isn’t our new CEO so smart?

  1. And that my friends is why Yahoo stock sells for but a mere fraction of what Google stock sells for….I hear so often CEOs talking about the BIG Picture, well the Devil is in the details. As Reagan once said Trust but Verify…Marissa should clean house, it is the only way to get ride of that type of rot…..oh and reward those few who despite the dominant paradigm being to goof off … they worked hard anyway!

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