Merrier Olde Englande

First, I am happy to report that the parts of Stratford-upon-Avon down by the RST seemed to be much better preserved than the area around the Shakespeare birthplace. But still …


Yesterday we hiked about 10 miles to Mickelton, which took us around the spectacular Meon Hill Fort. It’s easy to imagine Celtic kings scowling down from the heights while their Druids hurled insults and their warriors rolled stones upon enemy armies struggling up the hill. We spent the night at the Three Ways House Hotel and Pudding Club. I kid you not. The ale (Hooky) was quite nice, as were the puddings.

Today we trekked through two towns waging a different battle: for “prettiest town in the Cotswolds.”  We stopped for lunch in Chipping Campden, finding a local pub (Tournament and Hill Climb ales), then buying a couple of sandwiches for a picnic on the way out of town.


About 2.5 hours later we got to the town of Broadway, and I don’t know.  They’re both exquisitely preserved medieval villages. We’re in Broadway right now, so it wins. Tomorrow night we’ll be back in Chipping Campden so the rankings could change. Just before the mile long descent into Broadway, we passed by the brooding visage of historic Broadway tower, and lots of sheep. Always sheep. Probably why this area is so popular with Australians.


Broadway does have the best pub I’ve found, the 17th century Crown and Trumpet (Broadway Artists ale), which currently holds my wife’s endorsement for best fish-and-chips. The people were friendly, service was efficient, and the rhubarb (locally sourced) cobbler with hot custard was worth the 12 mile walk. Plus that little sprig of plastic flowers on the table turned out to be real!

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