Bucket lists

One item on it has always been a visit to the English town of Bath.  Lots of history in this place, and as was the case with Oxford, I was prepared to be disappointed. And like Oxford, I was not. Scratch one off the list, although it’s certainly a place I’d like to come back to.


Behind this wall are the reconstructed Roman baths. The Great Bath itself is pretty authentic, as is some of the rest, enough so that the visit was certainly worthwhile. The Abbey next door, which sits on part of the Roman temple complex, is only the latest of a series of religious edifices on this site. Edgar, first king of all England, was crowned in one of these. As I said lots of history.

We stayed in the Harrington Hotel, recommended by Rick Steves. Ol’ Rick came through for us again.


I’ve decided to add English country pubs to my bucket list.  Three of the most memorable were the Crown & Trumpet in Broadway (above), the Farmers Arms in Guiting Power, and the Snowshill Arms, shown behind and and to the right of the church, in the town of Snowshill. Now I can cross pubs off the list.  No, I think I’ll leave them on for a while.


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