RIP Chuck Myers

My long time (40 years) friend and colleague, Chuck Myers, died a little after 8 this morning in Naples, FL. Many of you knew Chuck, and for those who didn’t, I’ll post his obituary later. 

The great ones are passing from the stage. 

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6 thoughts on “RIP Chuck Myers

  1. Posted to my topical forum;

    Bad news via Chet Richards.
    Chuck Myers, one of the Boyd LWF Mafia and military reform inner circle, a distinguished flyer, and tireless advocate for sanity in military procurement practices, passed away
    this morning.

    I had occasion to correspond with Chuck by email on a few occasions,
    he was personable, and quick witted, and particularly had an innate
    appreciation for the humor in life’s ironies.

    He will be missed.


  2. The last conversation I had with Chuck, was about the prospect of using these,
    as airborne decoys. Once airborne, you lose all perspective, and these become
    indistinguishable from the real thing. Launch dozens, the opposition squanders their
    offensive ordinance, to be then massacred by the real thing, following.

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