John R. Boyd

Note that all of Boyd’s works are also available in various formats at

Franklin C. (Chuck) Spinney

Dean Lenane

Mike Wyly

PJ Tremblay

      • Shaping and Adapting: Unlocking the power of Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop. Masters Thesis, USMC Command and Staff College, April 2015 (517 KB PDF)

Grant Hammond

Greg Wilcox

Maj Gen J. N. T. Shanahan, USAF

Nicholas J. Johnson

Chet Richards

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  5. Something for Chet;
    “TORONTO, Feb. 19, 2016 /CNW/ – Toyota and Canadian Blood Services are pleased to share the results of their unique partnership over the past year. Toyota has been sharing its manufacturing process knowledge with Canadian Blood Services, a biologics manufacturer, to help improve the efficiency of the Canadian blood supply chain process.”

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  11. Perfect – I was hungry for more Boyd and here it is! Even the direction of my inquiry is suggested in Conceptual Spiral:
    “John, however, intended for his concepts to apply to more than warfare or even conflict.”

    Thanks for this resource, and feeding the spiral.

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  13. Dr. Richards,

    Is Dr. Hammond’s 2018 compilation (above) of Boyd’s slides and papers in “A Discourse on Winning and Losing” the closest thing to a “Boyd Anthology?”

    • The “Discourse on Winning and Losing” is the name Boyd gave in the late 1980s to the collection of briefings that originally included an Abstract, Patterns, Strategic Game of ? and ?, Organic Design for Command and Control, his paper, “Destruction and Creation,” and the Revelation in that order. These were bound together with a green cover and so it’s often known as the Green Book. In 1992 he added Conceptual Spiral and then in 1995, The Essence of Winning and Losing, but as far as I know, he never gave out bound volumes with those briefings included (I could easily be wrong about that). So, yes, it could be considered as a Boyd anthology. It’s important to note that Boyd kept revising some of these, particularly Patterns, long after the last dated version. I think the reason for that was that he had lost his typist and so had no easy way to update them. In particular, the last versions of Patterns incorporated significant changes to pages 13 (Sun Tzu) and 144 (the “Theme for vitality and growth.”) The versions here on Slightly East of New incorporate as many of these changes as my co-editor, Chuck Spinney, and I had collected between us.

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